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  1. Peter


    Features: * Complete overhaul Material Editor * Better Sun Mechanic (more light hours + better transition) * Many materials were reworked * added some more Block Skins Bugfixes: * Couple visual fixes * Pillar Shape had some visual glitches Additional Information The big part of this Update...
  2. Peter

    Looking over the shaders

    After reworking the Material Editor, I thought it may be time to recheck the games shaders. It was reported, that the game overall looks too dark and I wasnt fully satisfied with how some textures look and there seems to be an issue with the parallax mapping. So the game uses a quite...
  3. Peter

    Reworking the Material Editor

    Finally the rework of the Material Editor is mostly done. What is the Material Editor? In Exipelago basically everything is highly modular. So a material can base on another material. An example for this would be "wood". So one can create a new type of tree in the Tree Editor. This tree will...
  4. Peter

    Dev Log for the latest changes (Autosave, Material Editor)

    I finally added autosaving to the game, something I was postponing for too long already. The game runs pretty stable but there is so many things that could happen - could be as simple as a power outtage and losing hours of building is frustrating. So now there is an autosave feature. I asked in...
  5. Peter


    Features: * AUTOSAVE! Bugfixes: * Crashes due to fullscreen (again) * Crashes due to Alt-Tab in Fullscreen * under rare conditions game could freeze * changed some labels * saving now slightly faster Additional Information Finally AUTOSAVE is there - it was long asked for and now it finally...
  6. Peter


    Bugfixes: * fixed Tutorial to match now discovery logic * fixed issue with soil not stacking correctly Additional Information just hotifxes :-)
  7. Peter


    Features: * Gamma Correction in Settings * Totally overhauled Item Handler * Item Discovery now better * Stockpiles now Display proper names instead of keys * Internal Deploy Tool overhauled * Finding & Consuming now uses proper nutrition values instead of item value * Farms now show growth...
  8. Peter

    Reworking the Item Handling

    This time a pretty technical post, which I can't even make less complex by providing images :-D How does Items/Materials work in Exipelago? In Exipelago there is no simpel items. So one does not just make a completed model in blender, texture it and put it into the game - but one does create a...
  9. Peter


    Features: * Mood of Tribe now displayed in Tribe Window * Crafters will clean up their workplaces * Villagers now full floor tracking * Barley and Rye Crop added * New Workgroup "Construct" Bugfixes: * Job Priorities now show a tooltip what they are for * some more Splash Screen Texts * Top...
  10. Peter

    Fully accurate Surface Detection

    Currently there was a broad system in place, so a villager can determine the surface of its current position - this wasn't accurate at all and gave a lot of problems for a nice movement, especially on corner shaped blocks. This wasn't getting any better with the recent addition of more block...
  11. Peter

    More Tasks for Crafters

    Currently crafters (those serving the orders in the different workshops) are only responsible for crafting. If some item is blocking the workbench or any other tool, the crafter is waiting for some hauler to pick the item up. Very inefficient actually, especially when the haulers are busy...
  12. Peter

    About Settlement Identity and coming up after 00.01.52

    With the general building mechanics and UI being very capable already, it's time to add some other elements in terms of challenge and gameplay. Settlement Growth One of the first things here will be to rework the current placeholder to get new villagers. The idea is, that your tribe will have...
  13. Peter

    How can I support the game?

    Exipelago is still in developement and the Early Access Version provides an option to play the game before it's actually released. But that's not for everyone, so there are several options in how you can support the game without spending money on an unfinished version: Wishlist the game on...
  14. Peter

    v00.01.51 - More Block Shapes!

    Features: * New Blockshapes! Square and round pillars of various widths and round corners * Zoom Sensitivity now variable via Game Settings * Workshop now shows names instead if item keys * Loading Screen now displays informational lines * all sorts of flat surfaces are now properly usable as...
  15. Peter

    v00.01.50 - Social Needs!

    Features: * Added Social Needs (Phase 1) * Eating is now in Free Time * New Zone/Area: Social Area * Changes now displayed on main screen * Time Schedules can now be also changed by holding and dragging Bugfixes: * Tree Editor crashing under certain circumstances * typos * wrong display of UI...
  16. Peter


    Features: * New UI Scale for even bigger UI Bugfixes: * zoning is now possible over fields where something is going to get built * game not properly starting into Borderless Window Mode * possible crashes when tabbing out of a fullscreen game Additional Information Most of this update was...
  17. Peter


    Features: * Demo was released Bugfixes: * Issue with ownership not reseting even when setting to "none" in the zones window * Corpse no longer rendering black under certain conditions Additional Information Not much to say this time - finally the demo was released so people can just try out...
  18. Peter

    Demo Version?

    Demo Version released on 14th Feb 2023 - have fun!
  19. Peter


    Features: * Priorities per JobType * New MBlockmaterial: Bigger Stone Block Wall + Plank Panel Bugfixes: * main menu will now display a random island every start * flames animation now better distributed and no longer weird after resuming from pause * logo on loading screen now centered *...
  20. Peter

    Demo Version?

    Demo Version is coming next week!