Exipelago PressKit

Press Info

I am happy that you are interested in featureing my game on your channel / site. This page should help to give some details, information and assets to assist you to make the best possible content. Let me know if you need anything else, so I can add it here or help you directly.

Free Preview / Review Keys

If your channel/site has a significant following or viewcount, you can contact me by e-mail for a preview copy. While I will review your channel/site manually, your active channel should have a significant following and view count on your latest videos.

For all press-related enquiries please contact me at support@exipelago.com

Exipelago Facts

  • Game State: Early Access. Limited Content, but playable
  • Genre: Simulation / RTS / Building / Management / Colony
  • Mode: Single Player
  • Perspective: 3D, full z-levels, sliceable Terrain
  • Platforms: PC - Windows
  • PC Requirements: 8GB RAM or more, 1070 GTX or better
  • Programming Language: C#
  • Engine: Custom Engine, with Monogame/SharpDX at it's base
  • Related Games: Gnomoria, Cities Skylines, Minecraft, Dwarf Fortress, Prison Architect, Rimworld, Towns, Timberborn
  • Free Demo: Limited to main gameplay with 1 villager (no new villagers), no editors, no workshop, so load/save
  • Modding: Game comes with integrated editors for items, trees, plants & materials
  • Development started: 2019
  • Early Access Launch: Jan 2023
  • Funding: None
  • Game Price: $19.95
  • Owner / Creator / Copyright: Peter Reitinger (reiti.net)

The Creator

Peter Reitinger is just me - this is a solo dev project - located in Gran Canaria / Spain. I started programming in my very early days working on several software projects since 2000 and generally like making things and software is a nice way to do that.

Game Logo

You can use the following logo to include in your publications or videos as long as they are related to the game directly.