Project Recap May 2024


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Jan 2, 2023
Current Works

I am currently revising the Ingame Editors, making sure, they are working with the latest changes and I am going to do a new video series about how those editors can be used. These editors basically allow everyone to expand the game in terms of trees, plants, items and production chains and share them via the steam workshop. They are therefore an integral part of the project even tho, noone really used their potential yet :)


I regulary adapt those plans to wishes made from the community, so while there is still ongoing tinkering in reworking the whole mechanics to get new villagers, I may also introduce a new mechanic where the player can take direct control over a villager to run around in the village. While this does not sound overly exciting at first, I have this idea that players could make their island available for other players to visit .. or as a place where friends can meet with their characters to chat or do roleplaying.

Mentionable News

Fellow Youtuber "Wee Hours Games" has come back to Exipelago and made s small series about it. It's funny to watch, so I recommend watching :)

Economical State

Since the last post here, the project basically gained only a 1-digit amount of new wishlists.