Quick Fixes for Several Bugs

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Jan 2, 2023

Framerate suddenly drops significantly​

This can currently happen when a villager somehow is either stuck or otherwise went into a crazy loophole of finding a valid path. Try to find the villager in question and see if you can get him unstuck. Ideally let me know, so I can investigate the culprit and prevent it in future versions.

Game crashes due to fullscreen and/or Alt-Tab​

This error appears occassionally and is not fully solved yet - I recommend using borderless windowed mode instead - it will work without any issue, with the limitation, that you cannot change the resolution.
In case your game does no longer start, you can either just delete the file "settings.ini" to reset everything or edit the same file and set


to switch to non-exclusive fullscreen

edit: This should really no longer happen. If it does - send the error report as prompted or contact me. Exipelago can also get pretty hungry on GPU memory, depending on world size, so keep that in mind as well :cool:

Items not being used​

If you correctly placed a tool item somewhere but the game refuses to use it most likely some field is either blocked by some bug or an item is still there. Currently there is an "Inspect Tool" available at the bottom right, you can use that and click on the field with an item and it will tell you if there is an item in the way or if the field is somehow locked for work. In both cases, it's best to just post in discord or send a mail to the support email or here in the forum. In most cases I can fix your savegame or even find why it was happening.
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