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Jan 2, 2023
Some people asked about a roadmap of the game, so I will keep track of it here for everyone to read. Developing Exipelago is a fluid process so most future additions are not even known yet. Things pointed here are either clearly decided or partly integrated, despite still tied to currently unkown factors. Therefore this list does not represent a guarantee for planned features but a high will to integrate.
(This list may not be complete and in no particular order)

Planned Features:
will certainly come to the game

  • Apparel (Clothes, Hats, etc) + Editor + Workshop (fully Mod-able)
  • Jewels
  • More Block Shapes to come
  • More applyable Effects like Smoke to Items
  • Weather

Stretch Goals:
depending on Player Interest / Success of EA / Wishlists etc- if noone is interested in the game it makes no sense to make them

  • Wildlife
  • Fruit Trees
  • Composite Items
  • Trading between Players (Global Economy)
  • Random Disasters (Floods, Storms etc)
  • Explore other islands
  • Childs (and therefore Relationships)
  • Localization to other languages
  • Different Body Shapes for Villagers also reacting to Villager Condition
  • more RPG elements

Partly Implemented Features:
basically implemented but not to its full extent

  • Wide Range of Conditions for Villagers
  • Mood Effects on Villagers
  • Random Events
  • More Fruit Types for Plants (currently only crops/berries/vegetables, lacks possibility for fruits like pumpkin etc)
  • Localization
  • Hairstyles + Editor

Fully Implemented Features:
fully working features already in the game

  • 3D + Full z-level slicing
  • Day/Night
  • Fully Dynamic Water & Light Simulation
  • Procedural Islands
  • Procedural Trees / Plants
  • Realtime Growth / Ripening of plants/trees
  • Editor for Items + Workshop
  • Editor for Trees + Workshop
  • Editor for Plants + Workshop
  • Editor for Materials/Blocks + Workshop
  • Potentially unlimited Material Variety (due to Editor & Workshop Capabilities)
  • Terrain Modification
  • Different Block Shapes like Ramps and Corner Pieces
  • Production Chains + wide set of options
  • Dynamically regrow of gras
  • Need for Sleep/Food
  • Need for Social Activity
  • Scheduling
  • Job Assignments / Limits / Priorities
  • Automation (Zones, Workshops)
  • Metal (Ore, Ingots, Productions Chains)
If you have a question about some feature, feel free to post in this forum, discord or wherever I can see it :cool:

See also latest update about project state here
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