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Jan 2, 2023

* Re-Enabled placing raw stone blocks
* ItemSelector (Placing Stuff) now scrollable + sorting
* New Item: Fire Bowl (Light)


* some fixes related to Item Value and their dependency to parent items
* Worth Calculation at loading
* some fixes related to Item Discovery

Additional Information:

Placing Blocks of raw stone is now re-enabled - there were some issues with Value/Worth Calculations so I had disabled this temporarily - those issues should now be fixed as the game keeps a reference to blocks which were generated during World Start otherwise this information was lost upon loading a game and so every block in the world would be counted to world value. Not too bad as raw stone itself has no value, but now it all works properly (hopefully)

The Item Selector - this is the UI Interface for placing items on the left side, got a little overhaul, so now it can scroll if the list gets too big (can happen with usermade items which are made out of multiple materials, so the possible permutations grow quite big) - not only is this list now scrollable, it will also cut off properly and not overlap with other UI elements any more. Even further, the list will now be sorted by how many pieces could be actually built from current stock - so it should display those closer to the "any" button.

As a little goody, this update also brings a new Item: The Fire Bowl - a fully decorative alternative for torches or other light sources. Due to it being made out of metal & coal, it's value is pretty high - it's actually the most valueable item for now
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