About Settlement Identity and coming up after 00.01.52

With the general building mechanics and UI being very capable already, it's time to add some other elements in terms of challenge and gameplay.

Settlement Growth

One of the first things here will be to rework the current placeholder to get new villagers. The idea is, that your tribe will have some sort of "reputation", which is going to be represented by overall happiness of the villagers and the combined "wealth" of your settlement (the more you build/craft/gather, the more wealth your settlement will have).

For that reason, villagers will feature different needs to get their max happiness, like each one having their own nice private bedroom, and all needs satisfied and not suffer from any negative conditions. Soon enough more food sources will be added, so villagers may also demand a diverse diat consisting of several different food types (fruit, veggy, meat and cereal something like that). More food sources are already in the works, but many of them require additiional production chains and/or items to fully work.

I am currently not sure how complex those should be .. they could be really complex or they could be more simplified - not really sure, what players would prefer.

Diverse Food Sources

An example for this would be fish. To get fish, it has to be caught from the ocean, which would need some sort of item to actually do it. A spear? A Fishing Rod? The latter would need some sort of fiber first, which may be hard to aquire at the start of the game

Fish could be then made into food on a campfire to get an early source of meat.

Another idea is animals, which is a bit more complex to integrate and may also need a lot of other things to be implemented first, together with the general thought about how or what animals should be present on a lone island .. maybe starting with chicken & pigs.

Fruit, veggies and cereals are easy to add, as every mechanic is already there (except fruit trees)

Settlement Identity

Another thing I want to add pretty soon is the ability to give your settlement more identity. Therefore, I want to add a new item like a flag, which I want to be able to wave in the wind and it may display the avatar of your steam user (could be customized later on) - as this would be handled like a normal material, players could also use it to make it a material for their own items via the ingame editors.

While this doesn't necessarily add any challenge of the game, it may still be something desirable to get more connected to the tribe you're managing.