Bug Reports (Best Practice & Info)

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Jan 2, 2023
When you end up here, you most likely have experienced a bug - let me apologize right away - it's grown into a complex bit of software and while I try my best to catch any bugs before making a new release, chances are I miss some. But I promise to do my best to rapidly solve any issues.

You can always just send a mail to support@exipelago.com

To make this process faster, I would ask you for giving me enough information about how/when or under what circumstances. Ideally you can reproduce an error on a fresh save, so I can do the same and should be able to find the culprit and supply a bugfix.

You can also join the games discord

If you experience a crash, please look into your games directory and find the "exipelago.log" file. In many cases, there is information in there, especially when the game crashed.

If nothing of this is enough for me to find the error, I may ask you for providing a savegame.

Anyway, feel free to post your findings in here, I am happy to get involved into discussions, especially, when the error goes hand in hand with a mechanic of the game and that may be interessting for others as well
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