Dev Log for the latest changes (Autosave, Material Editor)

I finally added autosaving to the game, something I was postponing for too long already. The game runs pretty stable but there is so many things that could happen - could be as simple as a power outtage and losing hours of building is frustrating. So now there is an autosave feature.

I asked in my little discord group if people would prefer having an autosave file or saving to the current savegame - with mixed results, so I added an option so the player can choose by himself.

Talking about things that could happen - since the EA Release there was regular issues with Alt-Tabbing in/out of the game when being in fullscreen mode or with fullscreen mode in general, so - again - I digged into the code and the underlying library to try and find the issue and I may have found some related things and after working them out I was no longer able to recreate any crashes due to fullscreen - so hopefully that's it. Needless to say, that those issues only appeared during release and not during debugger, which made the problem not easier to solve ..

The next thing I have to cover is reworking the Material Editor. The Item Editor works fine now and can do all the goody stuff, but the Material Editor needs some changes to be able to utilize the new possiblities and also make it fully interactive. Used by me or one exactly knowing how to do things is a bit different than making it accesible to a random user, so hopefully that change will help with that (but it should)