Reworking the Material Editor

Finally the rework of the Material Editor is mostly done.

What is the Material Editor?

In Exipelago basically everything is highly modular. So a material can base on another material. An example for this would be "wood". So one can create a new type of tree in the Tree Editor. This tree will also define the texture which is going to be used for this type of tree. This material can now be used for items or other materials.

In terms of materials this could be another block material like a plank wall - which takes another material as "parent" and defines a mask, overlay, heightmap etc on it's own. This means (in that case) whenever a new tree is added (by the player himself or by workshop items) the game automatically adds everything for this new type of wood, every item and every blockmaterial which is based on wood.

The editor features it's own pixel editor but can import 64x64 textures from a file or now also from the clipboard, which makes it easier to handle. For simplicity reasons the ingame Pixel Editor works on a 16x16 coarse grid and generates automatic noise on each 4x4 subquad - everything more detailled is better done in a proper Pixel Editor and imported to the game manually.
This is the main reason for the current "pixel look" of the game, it's just much quicker during development