Reworking the way to get new villagers

Currently working on:

As you may already know, currently there is only a placeholder mechanic for getting new villagers, which is basically as simple as a daily chance that new villagers arrive.

This was always planned to be changed in some way and should actually depend on something you actually work upon for. The main idea is that you islands wealth or happiness will be the main fctor for new villagers to arrive - but then again - should it just be a simple "magical appearing" of new villagers?

What I would like to have is a system, where you may encounter random visitors which may come by and visit your island, look around a bit and may or may not get attracted to your village and they may ask to join your tribe.
Another idea would be to also have random events like shipwrecked people getting washed up on your island. Which also brings us to another planned feature which is the need for hospitals.

you see lots of ideas here and I am currently working on some of them, mainly to get rid of the "random chance" thing, as I am not really happy with it. And because everything is an island, there also needs a mechanic fresh people can actually reach it - so stay tuned about what's to come.

I am already sitting on a bit of additions which are mainly related to UI and QoL things, like searching and such. They will be included in the next update.

General State

Unfortunately, general interest in the game, basically dropped to almost zero - wishlist counts stagnated, everyone seems to ignore the game and that makes me think, noone is interested in it. So if you like the concept, please tell your friends about it, participate in the community and invite people to wishlist the game.

This is also the reason I had to dial back the dedication quite a bit - there is no publisher and no funding, so if predictions show, that this game will never be a success because it's something noone is interested in, I actually have to priorize other things .. primarily because I do want to make things that people really enjoy. If noone is interested in a game, I don't see much reason to spend further years on it.

But don't worry, for now I will keep working on the game for the rest of the year. Just the result in terms of features may vary depending on actual interest (see Roadmap in this forum)