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Jan 2, 2023

* Mood System came active (read more below)
* Zones/Areas can now be assigned to single villagers (ownership)


* Lights not working underground (deploy failure, sorry)

Additional Information

So the Mood System is being active from now on. This means a villager now has a mood which reacts to her/his current situation. If a villager get's hungry he will get a mood debuff for that - the more, the longer he is hungry (as he will develop a starvation desease). As a counterpart there are also things, which make a villager more happy - for now the only thing making them more happy is, if they have a private dormitory.

A dormitory can be made private by setting the ownership of a dormitory zone - villager will be more happy then those without private dormitory.

The baseline for mood is 50% - so that's the normal happiness. More than that and the villagers are more happy, less than that and they are less happy (Mr. Obvious strikes again .. )

Don't worry to much about it for now, this is still very much Work-In-Progress and a lot of "conditions" will come and mood in general will get a lot more meaning in the coming weeks. This all takes a bit longer, as I try to make this system very versatile, so I can allow everyone to "invent" their own modifiers, conditions and so on at some point.

Also this version was a bit chaotic, as I was also working on a possible DEMO at some point - so hopefully everything works alright, otherwise let me know