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Jan 2, 2023
Welcome to the first official update of the Exipelago Early Access Version!

added: issued recipes in the zones production window can now be modified.
added: New Tool will allow to totaly destroy items on the floor

fixed: "Inventory Window" displayed empty tree under certain circumstances
fixed: Builders now use the same item finding logic as the Haulers (which were more sophisticated)
fixed: Light Shading was not rendered in sliced (underground) view, when light was outside the current view level
fixed: Deactivating a stockpile was not properly recognized
fixed: Priorities for zones were not properly applied
fixed: Stockpiles were not considering to haul to existing stacks first (also an issue with possible overfill bug)

Order Modification

Until now it was not possible to modify zone orders once they were placed. One had to manually remove the old order and make a new one. So now finally it's possible to select an already queued order and modify key elements of it. For technical reason it's not possible to modify the source materials used - in that case the order has to be deleted an recreated. But you can now modify the base parameters of each order even after you queued it.

New Tool "Destroy"

On the right side of the toolbar, you will find a new tool, saying "Destroy unreachable Items" when you hover over it. This tool is basically meant to remove items, that are no longer reachable, like for example stone which was flooded and no villager can reach it anymore. While that is the main purpose of the tool, it will just remove ANY item you select, als long as it is not "placed" like a table or torch. May be handy as there are situations in the game which currently don't have a game mechanic to solve it. I would recommend to use it only on unreachable items tho, as it may produce quirky results when used on items which are currently part of a job

Missing references of need tools for crafting things

Currently the game does not tell anywhere what tool is need to craft - for example - a table. At least for now it's simple enough. A Sawbuck is needed to make planks and an oven is needed to make bread - everything else in crafting zones needs a workbench. Just so you know, I will add missing UI for that soon. I was just so used to it, that I totally forgot :)

Possible usage of some "experimental branch"

I was thinking about putting a different branch up on steam, so I can push updates faster without doing the full test suite every time I put out updates. That way I dont risk breaking anything in an otherwise running branch, while people intrested in getting the newest updates faster can just use the "experimental" branch .. I'll keep you informed