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Jan 2, 2023
This patch will address the current shortcomings of resolutions and UI scaling

* added: The Settings Window does now give a preview for the select UI Scale - you still need to restart the game manually after saving the changes for them to take effect
* added: If you start the game and it detects, that parts of the UI are outside of screen it will display a warning/information about it with a button to open settings

* fixed: When the game starts for the first time, it failed to detect several resolutions and always applied the 4k GUI Scale which made the whole UI too big for common resolutions per default. This patch should fix that issue and the UI Scale should be set more appropriatly depending on the vertical resolution.
* fixed: a bug which resulted in very blurry fonts when using smaller UI versions

About this patch

As this game was developed with 4K in mind, there as a bit of letdown from my side for lower resolutions, which may have resulted in bad looking first impressions of the UI. Most issues regarding this should now be fixed and the game should behave a little nicer before fully setting the resolution/scale to your likings
Additional I fixed the issue with very blurry fonts on low resolution - would love to get some feedback how the new version works for you.

There is also a little bit of improvement for general UI rendering on lower resolutions, tho it has it's limits as the game does not provide LowRes Assets, so there will still be shortcomings due to high scale factors in relation to otherwise thin lines in the UIs icons.

In case you want to try out the automatic Scale detection, just delete "settings.ini" in your Exipelago Game Directory and the game will start with default settings and Scale Detection (windowed Mode is default)