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Jan 2, 2023
New Features:

* The dormitory zone received its own window with at least a hint in it how to make beds
* There is now a Close Button for the current selected tool, which gives a hint about using ESC or Right Mouse Button as well


* It was possible to overlap different zones
* Building Blocks Tool did not properly display invalid placement over items
* Added another hint to the settings window to restart game after resolution change to avoid graphical glitches of the UI
* Another fix related to Villagers walking on diagonal ramps
* Load/Save Window now properly orders the files by date
* Fixed several issues related with scrolling elements not fully getting scrolled (scroll it)

Additional Information

Beside general bugfixing, I tried to build a bit more supportive things into this patch so new players not getting lost in the complexity of some tasks. There is still some information missing which should be displayed like what item or zone is needed for an item to be crafted. I think this may confuse new players and I am working on a way to properly give that information in the games user interface. Also working on Informational Bits to show what the current tool is used for and which Shortcuts apply (for example, pressing "R" for rotating an item.