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Jan 2, 2023

* Pathfinding had some long overdue performance update. You will notice on big builds with lots of villagers
* (Oversize) Items can no longer be placed overlapping. Loading such a save will remove the overlapping item from older versions
* Sorting on Load/Save wasn't fully accurate
* (Oversize) Items can no longer be build in bulk by holding down and just zoning
* some minor pathing issue in relation to ramps
* Villagers will more like not go tru bushes/plants on their way

Additional Information

The big one this time is actually the Pathfinding System. It was a bit overloaded recently on savegames with a lot of villagers the waiting times for orders increased to were it was noticeable - so the PathFinder got some indepth optimizations and is now working much better. (By a lot). As a slight bonus, memory consumption was lowered as well - but only a bit, so it wouldn't matter that much, I still found it appropriate to mention.

That said, a Size 10 Island with 30+ Villagers will currently consume more than 4 GB of memory - just be aware of that. If you're limited with memory, consider playing on smaller islands .. indeed, Size 10 is REALLY big.