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Jan 2, 2023

* Completely overhauled ingame tutorial. More failproof. More tutorial!
* New VIDEO Guide available which shows basic game mechanics


* Agents now avoid standing on fields where a block will be built - this avoids teleporting of Villagers
* Repeating orders in workshops now count the yield and not the amount of orders fulfilled
* Notification Bar on the right will not longer block the mouse

Additional Information

Most of the time went into bugfixing some avoidable teleportation of the villagers (when they become inside a block) - especially when they tend to teleport themselfes upon that block which - as a consequence - keeps them from moving. I did a lot of testing with this now, so hopefully everything works as expected in all cases.
Another chunk of time went into making a Video Guide to show the game mechanics. There is also a link to it on the games main screen - highly recommended to watch.
And another chunk of time went into completely overhauling the ingame tutorial. After watching some players struggle that was a very needed step to make the game more accessible for new players.