Staff member
Jan 2, 2023

* Active "Conditions" are now displayed in villager window


* fix with workshop items not properly upgrading after change (still some work needed tho, when in doubt, cycle activation in main menu)

Additional Information

Currently working with the Condition System to make it more streamlined, as this will be a user modable feature in the future and for that is has to follow some patterns to work - maybe there will be an editor at some point to make your own conditions

The only relevant condition currently is active, when a villager cannot find food and starts being malnourished. That condition will raise in severity until the villager will eventually die - so give them food!! :)

Also it's now obligated to have steam running - the game just relies on it at some points and that could lead to issues otherwise. So make sure steam is running and let me know about any issues you have (check the log file and get in touch with me with your prefered method)