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Jan 2, 2023

* New View Settings (top bar) to toggle Rendering for Trees (F10 also still works)
* New View Settings (top bar) to toggle Zone Visibility to "always"
* Island Name can now be changed in the Tribe Window
* Realtime Clock has now its own place, you can activate it in the Game Settings Screen in the Game Tab
* Cursor Location & FPS has moved into the Top Bar (always visible for now)
* Tool Info PopOut! When a tool is selected you get info about relevant Key Bindings at the Top left (can be turned off in Game Settings)


* New Game starting now a little bit earlier into the day
* Island Name is now limited to 35 characters (yea, sorry :) )
* Agent does no longer show its Debug Log

Additional Information

More work into accessibility and user guidance this time. There shouldn't be a lot of excuses any more to not get along with the game. Next step up is more work into the Condition System and I am also thinking about a mini-map for a while ...