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Jan 2, 2023

* Movement now W,A,S,D plus Arrow Keys
* When harvesting rock, there is now a slight visual feedback
* Queued Workshop Orders can now be moved up/down (priority) and can be duplicated
* Added Button to center view on a zone
* Added Button the remove a zone from its window
* Digging & Cancel Order now have alternative selection Mode (hold Alt) to select up or down block
* New Game Setting for modifying Mouse Sensibility for Rotation/Tilting


* Windows are now limited to screenspace and cannot end up outside left or top
* Share Button in editors are working again
* fixed several typos in the tutorial
* Unassigned View Levels (Strg + [1-9]) will no longer trigger on 1-9 when unassigned
* Workshop Windows now display with an icon if prerequisites are met
* changed tooltip for Zone Priority
* imprecision in list & trees for selecting items
* Items now reset their orientation when carried or stockpiled
* game no longer crashes when deleting a zone while its window was open
* Cancel Orders had wrong label in the Info Window about KeyBindings

Additional Information

Queued Jobs in Workshops can now be moved around to change their priority. Jobs on top will always served first as long as they are possible or not yet served by a villager. Be aware that each job can only be handled by ONE villager at a time. If you want to have multiple Villagers do the same thing in a workshop just duplicate the Job for as many villagers you want to work at it at the same time.

Most other changes were all related to QoL (Quality of Life), giving either more information or making some tasks better to handle. Let me know what you think about it