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Jan 2, 2023

* A more final Condition System is now in place
* Wall-mounted items will now auto-align to a close wall


* after loading a game, there was a wrong information about no bed found
* Dig Tool Info Window will now display another info about villager height
* weird selection marker in Condition Tab of Villagers
* possible fault with oversized items and action locations (does not relate to stock content)
* issue with locked items & tiles when canceling an order in the workshop window
* The stock oven asset now needs a vertical clearance of at least 2 blocks (should be 3, but I dont wanna stress you out)

Additional Information

The Condition System (Villagers can have several different conditions) is now in a more final state. It's currently implemented for cases where Villagers can't get sleep, so they get a "Tired" Condition (with multiple stages) until they finally fall over and sleep where they are. Such conditions will have an impact on the Villagers Mood (not yet ready). The other Condition is Starving, where after a while without food, the Villager will get the starving condition, which is more like an ailment which gets more severe over time and ultimately results in the death of the villager. So keep them fed! :)

There was also a weird bug reported from a fellow player, where an oven stopped working for no apparent reason - after investigating it was found, that the field on which the oven stands on was somehow left with a flag and became locked for further orders. It's not possible to find out what the actual reason for this was, but I found some potential issue, which could've resulted in it and fixed that issue.

In case you experience any sort of not working tool in a workshop, just remove the zone and rezone it freshly - it should fix any issues - anyway, let me know about it, so I can go on and investigate the issue to actually fix it, instead of you just mending it :)