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Jan 2, 2023

* SOUND! Some Ambient Sound is now in the game as a first approach to add somthing audible
* Check the volume in settings -> Audio. Let me know how it works out with the volume please


* Custom villager nicknames were overwritten upon load
* Population Window now shows nicknames instead of full names
* fixed an issue with trapped villagers making things unusable
* Ramps can now be passed and will no longer block villagers

Additional Information

As there was no update yesterday, this was because adding sound is a quite complex task to add to the engine - it's not only making sound itself, but when to play it with which intensity, as a lot of information cannot be queried in realtime without slowing down the game.
So for now there will be rustling leaves when trees are present (binaural) as well as bird chirping during day and cicades during night. The water noise is currently approximated by the distance to the maps border - I still need to find a better way to performantly get information about displayed map elements - I really don't want to slow down the game anywhere.

Talking about sounds .. there is a lot of things which could've sounds or music. I will eave it for a while with ambient only to get some feedback and see how it works out. The current audio system in place is more of a test and may not reflect the real thing in the future - but one has to start somewhere :) If you don't like the sounds, just turn their volume to zero in the games setting window

Also sound does currently NOT react on game speed. I have to do some more tests with that to not make it just sound horribe - I am sure you can live with it for now :)
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