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Jan 2, 2023

* more Sound Effects added for chopping & digging.
* UI clicks now make a noise as well (together with its own volume setting for UI sound)
* ESC now closes any open windows before opening the menu


* Item Editor now displays actual wall for wall mounted items
* LightSources like torches do no longer light outside areas during daytime

Additional Information

Some more Sound Effects were added, this time for the tasks chopping and digging and for some UI interaction (mainly clicks on buttons) - The volume for UI SFX can be adjusted separately. This is more like an ongoing process - I also want Content Creaters to define SFX either using stock SFX or supplying their own - just not sure how far this shall go. So like a workbench .. I can either make a sound depending on what sort of material is currently handled (like the material defines the sound, hammering on wood vs hammering on stone or metal) - or the workbench .. maybe both? It's undecided for now,m but I do aim for some system that allows Content Creators to add sounds to their creations one way or the other

Another bigger chunk in this update was modifying the rendercode so torches and other light sources will not interfere with actual sunlight during daytime - until now those always induced a slight flicker or interfered with regular shadow - that's (for several reasons) not how it works obviously and I tried my best to simulate it in a way which would be closer to reality. So let me know how you like it (but also let me know if something's weird with it)