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Jan 2, 2023

* World Statistics starting with several statistical values
* Villager Statistics starting with several statistical values
* Hall of Fame


* not longer possilbe to double issue a digging job on the same field
* fixing replace/place/digging job to happen on the same space
* some internal changes needed in the long run
* Items going on the same position on the floor now stack better

Additional Information

The Tribe Window now displays several statistical values which are gathered during gameplay - those may later also be used for a lot of Steam Achievements. It's backed by a versatile system, so I can quickly add new things to track here. The same is true for Villagers now, as an example they now track the whole distance traveled in their existence. Nice Info. Useless, but nice :) But again is is to be built upon and may be relevant later on

The Hall of Fame basically was already in the game but just nowhere to be displayed. Now it can be found in the Tribe Window. Every Villager who dies and gets properly buried will be remembered in the Hall of Fame.

The other thing was related to digging orders and how they were possible to be issued on the same field - which did no harm but each of them would've been executed, even when the block was no longer there. This is now fixed together with the prior possibility to issue a dig order on a block which already has a replace order. No harm here either, just shouldn't be.

Some internal changes were needed as well, but as they don't have any influence on curretn gameplay it's not very important to talk about them here - hopefully I haven't broken anything, but testing seemed alright

Demo seems good so far - i think it would be ready soon - still have to wait for steam to approave everything - planned demo release is 10th Feb 2023. There will be no saving, no loading, no workshop, no editors, no new villagers. Stay tuned about new info about it
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