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Jan 2, 2023

* Crash Handler + easy way to send crash reports


* some minor related to logging

Additional Information

This update cares about a subject being neglected for a while - an easy way to send crash reports. From this version on - in case your game crashes - a window will open up, giving you the option to send me a crash report (which is basically just the games logfile for now) - couple clicks and you're done.

All data transfer is handled completely inhouse without any 3rd parties involved and there is no personal data included (the Crash Handler gives you the option to see what's going to be sent over) - transfer is of course SSL protected and will land directly in my mailbox. If you like you can opt to supply me with an (optional) contact email-address - in case I need further information it would be helpful. But it's optional.

The crash handler will NOT transmit any savefiles