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Jan 2, 2023

* Stockpiles now handle reorganizing stocks to fill containers
* Stockpile Window now has a tab for inventory of that specific stockpile
* Containers now show what's inside them
* Soil & Bread can now be stockpiled in crates


* whatever I discovered during testing of stockpiles, mainly hickups

Additional Information

Next round for the Stockpiling Update. This time it's about organisation stuff in the stockpiles. So far, whenever something was put in a stockpile it just stayed there until someone picked it up to use it somewhere else. No stockpiles actually issue their own tidy up orders to prefer items being in containers if there are any suitable. If you have a stockpile filled with stone and put a crate in it, villagers will now go and fill the crate.

Beside that, whenever there is something in a container, there is now a miniature of the item in it displayed above the container - so you can see directly what's in there - if any.

Also new, when you click a stockpile and open its window, there is now a tab about Inventory - which displays the inventory of the stockpile per field. Mainly used by me for checking & testing, but it may come in handy for you as well, so I left it in there :cool:

Testing is one of the most time consuming tasks, so I hope I haven't missed anything critical, but if I did - as always - let me know immediatly, I may be able to release a hotfix really quick