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Jan 2, 2023

* Priorities per JobType
* New MBlockmaterial: Bigger Stone Block Wall + Plank Panel


* main menu will now display a random island every start
* flames animation now better distributed and no longer weird after resuming from pause
* logo on loading screen now centered
* textures on the triangle block were aligned incorrectly
* issue with villagers not following job restrictions in some situations

Additional Information

This update is all about job priorities. It's now possible to not only restrict a villager to certain jobtypes, but also to assign priorities to each assigned job type. It's done in the Population Window, where clicking a jobtype for a villager will either allow or disallow a certain jobtype, but additionally you can now also use the mousewheel to assign a priority for each. So a villager can do Farming & Hauling, but if he shall only haul when there is nothing to do for farming, you lower the priority for hauling to a value lower than the priority for farming. For most efficient task distribution over your villagers.

I've also added 2 new Blockmaterials, with the big stone blocks and some wood panel - both are fully compatibel with every sort of stone block or plank - especially the plank panels could be used as better looking roof tiles. Not the best looking yet, but I try to focus on developing the most crucial things first

The Job Priority Change was a good bit of code and as always I did my best to test everything - so if you find any issues, let me know