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Jan 2, 2023

* New UI Scale for even bigger UI


* zoning is now possible over fields where something is going to get built
* game not properly starting into Borderless Window Mode
* possible crashes when tabbing out of a fullscreen game

Additional Information

Most of this update was related into bughunting several issues related to fullscreen switching and alt-tabbing out of the game .. this also means investigating the underlying gfx library why things can happen. Not all issues are fixed, but things should work more stable - even tho, not fully failproof. Also switching the resolution ingame can partly lead to wonky results but I decided I wont waste any more time on a feature you probably only use once - just restart the game after changing resolution and you will be fine.

There is also a new UI Scale Button for "Big+" - this makes the UI elements even bigger in cases your screen is either very small with a 4K resolution or just further away - making it bigger than this new setting doesn't make a lot of sense as of now .. it may will for 8K screen tho, but as I don't own an 8k screen and noone asked for it because of having an 8k screen - it may suffice for a while to have the Big+ Setting

There was a request for changing the resolution with borderless windows - as borderless window always runs with the screens native resolution (as what is confirgured in windows screen settings) the only way to accomplish that would be to render on smaller resolution internally and scale that up to system resolution in another step. So while that's technically possible it's quite complicated to fit into existing systems (especially with UI Scale) and I don't find it very feasible for now, as other things in the queue are awaited - I will still keep it on my list to maybe add it later