v00.01.50 - Social Needs!


Staff member
Jan 2, 2023

* Added Social Needs (Phase 1)
* Eating is now in Free Time
* New Zone/Area: Social Area
* Changes now displayed on main screen
* Time Schedules can now be also changed by holding and dragging


* Tree Editor crashing under certain circumstances
* typos
* wrong display of UI icons on sliders & dropdowns on smaller UI Scales
* food was not get picked up from crates
* Villagers will eat more if they are not fully fed

Additional Information

With this update a new game mechanic is introduced - a new need for the villagers: Social .. or Recreation. Over the course of a day, villagers will now have a declining need for social/recreation. For this a new Zone Type is introduced, the "Social Area". You can zone this like any other area and villagers will gather there in their free time to gain social interaction. The two items currently most appropriate to place there is either a campfire (villagers will gather around it) or a table. Villagers will then start talking to other villagers using the same item - so don't go crazy with hordes of campfires, it will look weird when they all just talk to themselfs

Eating is now also part of their free time. They will only eat in there free time or when they are starving. During their free time, they will eat another item as long as they are not fed. Eating & chatting may be combined at a later stage. You can also now mass schedule by simple holding down the button und move over the time fields you wish - so not longer needed to click them separately.

After all tho, this is a SOFT START of this new need. So while it will be displayed ingame, it does currently not have any consequences - when everything turns out to work well, this will soon trigger mood malus otherwise.

If you loading an existing game, make sure to set free time in your schedule, as you may not have it configured yet - new games will assign free time before sleeping time as default.

As always, if you have any questions, post here in the forum or in discord - have fun!