v00.01.51 - More Block Shapes!


Staff member
Jan 2, 2023

* New Blockshapes! Square and round pillars of various widths and round corners
* Zoom Sensitivity now variable via Game Settings
* Workshop now shows names instead if item keys
* Loading Screen now displays informational lines
* all sorts of flat surfaces are now properly usable as "wall" (torches)


* some field states where not properly restored after loading
* hauling will be ignored on items blocked by work, solves job conflicts
* World Creation Algorithm changed, there is now considerably more landmass and less useless ocean
* issue with game cannot be saved while items are in use

Additional Information

Quite some work has be done for this update. First of - new block shapes are now available! This also included lots of work for pathfinding and attributes, so hopefully I got all of them and everything works as expected - if not, you know how to reach me. There could be al sorts of issues arrise from the new shapes, maybe I configured something wrong, maybe the pathfinding starts to do crazy things .. technically it should work even better than before, but you never know.

Be aware, that none of the new block shapes will block water or light - that's the main reason why there are no thinner walls yet, the water & light system is currently just not capable of processing them in a meaningful manner. I already have ideas about how to make it happen, but it's not part of that update. Solid Blocks is currently still the only block shape which will block light & water. For now.

Upon Player Request, the sensitivity for the Mouse Wheel to zoom in and out has now a setting in the Game Setting Window - let me know how you like it or if even more range is required.

Also I was made aware that in the WorkShop Windows there were still item keys displayed instead of actual names - that should be fixed now - it's one of those things, the developer just oversees all the time

While waiting on the loading screen, it will now display various tips & tricks - just a few available right now, but there is room for more

And you may have recognized that torches only ever attached to solid square blocks and nowhere else - well, those times are gone! You can now attach the torches and all sorts of flat surfaces (as long as it makes sense to do so) - let me know if I missed any