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Jan 2, 2023

* Mood of Tribe now displayed in Tribe Window
* Crafters will clean up their workplaces
* Villagers now full floor tracking
* Barley and Rye Crop added
* New Workgroup "Construct"


* Job Priorities now show a tooltip what they are for
* some more Splash Screen Texts
* Top Face of pillars were missing
* Looking Direction of villagers were weird in some cases

Additional Information

Another week, another updates - you figured already I guess, I tried to regulate the updates to some point, so there isn't a daily update anymore, this is just to much strain on testing anyway, so I try to provide weekly updates, I can also get more complex stuff into them and it's also a lot of work to actually make release notes, post everywhere and such things - it's quite a task.

The Tribes Mood is now displayed in the Tribes Window and will pretty soon be one of the needed variables to get new villagers - feedback for that is a bit lacking (feedback is lacking generally tbh) so I am still in the process of finding a good balance between several factors for getting new villagers.

Until now, there was a problem, when crafters finished something and now the produced thing is blocking the workbench until some hauler comes and cleans it up. This is especially bad, when the haulers are still hauling stone from the mines as there is no sort of priority for what items to haul first. The solution to that now is that the crafters will clean up their working area. So if a workbench is blocked, they will see if that blocking item can be stockpiled and if so they will bring it there so they now can keep working with their actual job. Ideally you provide a close stockpile for them, so they don't need to run over half the map :)

Talking about running - you may have already seen, that there were some glitches when villagers walked over some floor tiles like corners. They just jumped around a bit - those days are gone. Villagers now do proper tracking of the actual floor underneath their (non existing) feet! This means their movement is now MUCH smoother and no matter on what tile they currently walk on. This is especially helpful with new Block Shapes and was a missing link to getting animals into the game.

Also you may want to have a look over your job priorities as I cleaned up the job workgroups a bit, there is now the BUILD workgroup which is used for placing BLOCKS and there is a CONSTRUCT workgroup which is used to placing items (or build them in place) - so if you find your torch is not getting build because everyone is still putting stone floor down - wait no longer and just restrict a villager to CONSTRUCT, so all he does is placing items. That's very handy when digging and needing some light.

2 new Crops were now added - I have to say I am not overy satisfied yet with how plants look, and at some point there will be an overhaul. This is also true for sub-items like bread - the game is totally capable of providing several other visuals for different breads (wheat, rye, barley) but I just did not have enough time to care for it and was a bit carried away by thinking about automatisms to deal with it.

That's it for this update, hopefully there's something you can enjoy - as always, let me know what you think and what are you desperately waiting for to get implemented