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Jan 2, 2023

* Gamma Correction in Settings
* Totally overhauled Item Handler
* Item Discovery now better
* Stockpiles now Display proper names instead of keys
* Internal Deploy Tool overhauled
* Finding & Consuming now uses proper nutrition values instead of item value
* Farms now show growth state
* Added farmable Veggies
* Custom Water Color


* TreeView alignment of texts fixed
* Issue with Block Placing Orders not loading correct material when new material was added
* Pathfinding Issue with diagonal blocks
* Villager not looking at correct spot for some orders
* No longer possible to issue double chopping order

Additional Information

That's a big one - I was tempted to actually raise the minor version number, as at some point I thought it would be impossible to keep existing savegames running, but turned out everything is fine and we can keep the minor release for now and postpone breaking savegames to a later stage (but it will happen)

The biggest change in this update is without a doubt the overhauled Item Handler. While the player don't see a lot of it, this thing is basically responsible for loading all assets, structuring & rassembling them in a way so the game can handle it together with all possible material combinations and such - there is a lot of stuff going on behind the scenes to keep the game as open as it is.

The intial reason for that was, that until now it was only possible to define Items for multiple materials. This is fine for most items, as a table will just be a table but made out of different wood types, but as I added a carrot, I was not able to just define a "Veggie" any more, because a carrot does indeed look very different then a potato. So there we go, lot's of changes later, it's working, the Item Editor is adapted (and even better than before) and we also got Veggies now, woohoo!

As a consequent I also overhauled the way new Stuff is discovered - it's not totally finished yet, but already works better than before - Things made out of planks are not "discovered" before an actual plank is built and so on. It nowe also works better with materials, blocks and such.

For farming and planting you can still just use whatever is known to the game - this wont change before Trading is part of the game, because it would otherwise be impossible to aquire things that dont appear naturally on the island - so for now you can just plant everything :)

Stockpiles now do display proper Item names and some categories were missing from the games text definitions. At some point there will be localizations for different languages - at least for the base game content. That said - Content Creators (like those making their own items etc) may have to provide their own localisation files for that purpose (which is already possible but you'd need to supply your own .txt files for that, the editor does not expose those functions yet)

The internal Deploy Tool is basically what I use to assembly the final binaries which will be available on steam. It's all about copying files, but also making sure, that all assets I have testes internally make their way to the final version - was already time to adapt those things a little further so less issues can happen with me forgetting to add stock assets :)

And Farms now show each Grwoth State of the crops growing - some may find that handy to see how long a farm may still need to be ready for harvest

Oh yes - and there is now also a Gamma Correction Setting in the Games Settings Window. If you find your game to be too dark, you can adjust it there a little bit - this is not a final solution but hopefully will help with making everything look better.

I was also asked about changing the Water Color a little bit. I figured, that everyone may have a different expectation about how their water should look like, so guess what, you can now change the Water Color to whatever you like in the Game Settings. The Control for it is a bit fiddle tho, I admit.

That's basically it, some bugfixes were also made, so even tho, there were some very complex changes to this update, I hope everything is working as expected and no big issues appear - if they do, you know how to reach me. I'll fix any issue, as always
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