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Jan 2, 2023



* Crashes due to fullscreen (again)
* Crashes due to Alt-Tab in Fullscreen
* under rare conditions game could freeze
* changed some labels
* saving now slightly faster

Additional Information

Finally AUTOSAVE is there - it was long asked for and now it finally is there. It is enabled by default and will automatically save every 30 minutes (real time minutes). In the Game Settings you can configure if you want to autosave to your current savegame OR autosave to it's own file "autosave.sav" which you can load in case something happens. I asked about it in discord and there was no clear consent, so I implemented both. I may add another setting later for configuring the frequency of autosaving, as on large maps it could get a bit annoying

Together with that change, I also reworked the mechanism for saving a bit, so there is now a proper overlay signaling the saving and a notification when finished (or when there was an error, until now it didnt tell about errors, but normally saving works fine)

Would be happy if you let me know if there are any further issues related to fullscreen mode, so I can have a look into them - but I wasnt able to reproduce any crashes after the fixes deployed with this update, so hopefully it's now working without any issues. I had to do make some changes to the underlying library there to make it all run fluidly, but yea, that's how it is.