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Jan 2, 2023

* Complete overhaul Material Editor
* Better Sun Mechanic (more light hours + better transition)
* Many materials were reworked
* added some more Block Skins


* Couple visual fixes
* Pillar Shape had some visual glitches

Additional Information

The big part of this Update is actually the Material Editor and all functionality that depends on it - so things are easier now, more things are possible, the Editor now also allows Pasting from the Clipboard (has to be a 64x64 Image, otherwise it will be ingored) and also has an invert button for each Texture Subtype. This basically means, whenever a new Skin is going to be added it's as easy as importing an alpha texture on the right spots, invert it and define the base material and that's it - it's hardly getting any easier than that :)

Sun Mechanic

The other big change in this update is related to the Sun Handling. So a day is still 12h day and 12h night (as it is expected from a tropical island most likely being located somewhere around the equator of a planet. What changed (more detail here in the DevLog Subforum) is how the sun is treated as an entity - its no longer a single point but an actual body with a size to it and therefore will already emmit light, even tho being not fully risen over the horizon - also some threshold for the planets curvature is now added, which ultimately results in getting the first rays of light ~30 (game) minutes before the day starts technically (it's still day and everything will react on actual light, be it plant growth or villager movement). This value can be tweaked in the future, I tried to orient them as good as possible to real life conditions

Material Overhaul

Also I reworked A LOT of the existing materials, mainly the crafted ones. They now come in a more detailled manner as some things didn't look very good with the current "pixellook" policy I was following since the beginning of that project. That said, the tools have improved as well in the meanwhile, so it's feasible to get some more detail in. Bear with me if some styles do not really match up yet, I may adapt they piece by piece when it haunts me - but you can always just start up the Material Editor and make your own, no problem :)
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