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Jan 2, 2023

* Ability to set a schedule for all Villagers by clicking on header
* Button to remove ownership
* Ownership now groups villagers with assigned job first
* MipMapping for Textures


* Scrolling Job Priorities will no longer scroll the villager list
* changed texts next to priority window
* Zone Owner now properly removed on death
* fixed a bug when removing a filled stockpile
* autosave timer now resets on manual saving
* fixed display issues with wrong normals on items

Additional Information

This update is mostly for those who just wanna build - there is now a Creative Mode! When starting a new game, there is now an option to start the regular Tribe Mode or the Creative Mode. In Creative Mode time is frozen (but you can manually set it with the slider next to the game clock) and everything you do will be done instantly. Building blocks, replacing, chopping, planting and everything will be discovered right away. No Villagers, no hazards, no survival, no challenges - just pure building. This Creative Mode may later be used as map editor, to make scenarios or to just create prefabs - who knows, lots of possibilities!

In The Schedule Window tho, you can now set the schedule for everyone by selecting the desired type and just clicking the header. In case you have a lot of villagers that may be helpful in some cases

Ownership of Areas / Zones was altered as well. For convenience there is now also a button to remove any ownership and if you want to set ownership, the DropDown will no first display those Villagers who already have the proper jobtype assigned in their priorities and after a separator all other villagers will be listet. Helpful when having a lot of villagers.

When you zoom fully out of the map the new materials looked very noisy, so I implemented MipMapping for all textures, which is going to pre-scale the textures which will result in a less noisy look. If you run the game in 4K you may not see any benefits, everyone else will be greated with a hopefully better view.

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