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Jan 2, 2023

* Inspect Tool
* Creative Mode is now Toggle Button


* Empty Items are no ignored during loading
* Tutorial was not triggered
* Game Stats were not reseted for new games
* Tool is no longer canceled when panning with right mouse button
* added info about priority meaning in villager window

Additional Information

Another Update with added stuff. This time it's a new automation zone related to tree growing - the Forestry Zone! It basically works like a farming zone but for trees - you create the zone and define which trees should be grown in there. It's your own responsibility to create the apropriate soil beforehand - so if you zone a forestry on grass and set it to grow palm trees, nothing will happen, as palm trees need to grow on sand - so make the soil sand first and everything works as it should.

The Forestry will also maintain a separation between the trees, this not only is more realistic but also makes sure that every single tree can be reached without being blocked by other trees (villagers cannot be on the same field as a tree).

On THe WorldCreation Screen the Creative Mode is now a Toggle Button which hides other parts not related to Creatice Mode like Villager Amount or Tutorial Checkbox.

Talking of which - I have somehow disabled the tutorial - it's back again with this update

And there is now an Inspect Tool. It may not have a lot of use for you, what it basically does is, it gives out some verbose information about a field. so in case something is not working as expected, this tool can be used to inspect a field and check what could be the issue - most likely it will be used by me, but why not just leave it in the game so you can also use it - doesn't hurt at least. Maybe more useful at a later stage, but for now it's basically there to identify the root of issues.

That's it for now, let's go and work on the next things :)