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Jan 2, 2023

* Vertex Colors for Mesh Imports (Item Editor)
* New Tool: Smelter
* New Tool: Anvil
* Item Editor can now define Attributes along Subtypes


* more optimized mesh handling
* unchecking some tools manually via the button is now disabled (right click or escape only to exit tool)
* Potato Farm was not saving its configured crop type
* fixed naming for Items / Subitms and Crafted items
* Villager will only use its own dormi if it has one and not use other beds
* fixes for several crashes related to multithreading (state changes)
* Item Discovery now works a little bit different

Additional Information

So, this update is a big one - hence the delay since the last update, there was just a lot to add to the game in order to have everything working the way I intended it to be.

First off: Ores are now added to the game. Once you start a new game, different ores will be distributed along the underground of the map - let's start digging and get them. Don't forget to also find some coal because without coal you cannot make ingots in a smelter. Also now available is not only the metal workshop but also the new jobtype of metal working (make sure to assign it to someone). If you load an existing game, the ores will be created automatically - that should work without any issues, so in case you already have some mines you should see some ore immediatly.

In order to make all this work - and the general natuire of the game of being almost fully customizable - the editors also have some new features added. First of the Material Editor now allows to strictly define a parent material with which it shall be blended with. This is used for the Ore Material, where it will strictly use the Sandstone Material to blend against its defined alpha map.

In the Item Editor, SubItems are now an integral part of the item definition, so Ore is basically an item (not so different than stones) and it defines its subtypes of the different available ores - each Subtype is defined by a key/name/color and can also have it's own item attributes. The game will then create all the subitems on the fly during loading of the game.

For Ingots - where subitems are generated via the needed item ingredient (which is ore & coal) - some more changes were needed:
An ingredient can now be defined as "consumed" - that means while coal is needed to craft the ingot it willbe consumed in the process and basically vanish. Such an item can not supply material information to the resulting Item tho.

Regarding the ingot material (which basically is a metal material) it was needed, that the material should be able to get the color information from somewhere, so another new field was added to the material editor, where it can be configured where to get the color information from.

This all sounds a bit complicated, but once you found out how everything works is mostly straightforward and not too hard. Also this is base ressources, which is much harder to make than simple items.

Talking about Editors - since the current version of blender does support Vertex Colors in .obj export I implemented the same thing into the games Mesh Importer, so you can now happily define Vertex Colors and the Item Editor will properly recognize them. Ideally for colring or darkening purposes of the underyling materials

Behond the scenes, that was a lot of changes and mixed in were several bug fixes which were reported and some "oddities" to get fixed.

I hope you like the changes and everything works nicely - if not, let me know!

Follow up from here

There is currently no real items to be made out of metal - but as everything is there, anyone can already use it to make metal items via the editors
Metal in general looks a bit dull at the moment - the Material Editor is going to be further extended to add some sort of texture for "shininess" or something like that, it's halfway done more or less.
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