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Jan 2, 2023

* Search Function in Villager Window
* New Block: Inverted Ramp
* New Block: Arc
* Changed some materials to look less "blocky"
* Dormitory now shows beds in it window


* all components updated to newest version
* now needs .Net 6 (you may need to install manually)
* which leads to some performance improvements

Additional Information:

New year, new Update! Little disclaimer first: There is now a BETA BRANCH. So updates to the default branch will now come way less frequently to always have a stable version. If you are interested in the latest changes, simply right click on the game in your steam library, properties, beta tab and select the alpha04 branch. That way you can play new features way earlier but be aware that this releases are not tested whatever, they may be buggy. I try my best to keep everything compatible with the default branch tho

A lot of things were updated to the latest versions which do yield a bit of performance improvements but you may be greeted with a popup to install the latest .Net Framework. Unfortunately, steam does not offer an option to install that automatically (blame steam), but it should be straightforward and only some clicks on a button and an official download from microsoft. I heard no complains from the beta-branch players, but let me know if you have any issues

2 new Block Shapes were added, you can now make inverted ramps and arc shaped blocks to push your creations to new levels

Last but not least, I changed the visuals of a couple of materials as I got sick of people telling me about stolen textures, when all of them were actually made with the ingame editors. I am not an artist tho, so let me know what you think about the new materials (grass, dirt, stone mainly) - they are no longer blocky looking. Feel free to just open up the material editor and make your own. If you like the blocky look more, you can basically recreate them with the ingame editors by a few simple clicks (the editor uses noise and such, you may just need to play aroud with the colors. Unfortunately you can't do that with the gras texture as this needs and alpha channel and that's currently not possible in the ingame editor, but you can make them externally and either "import" them or paste from the clipboard - be aware that such images NEED to have a 64x64 dimension to work. A future update will add the transparency back :)
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