What you can expect from the next update

The next update will basically refresh all the underlying frameworks. This will improve the performance a little bit (at least I saw quite some improvement, hopefully it does for you as well) but mainly will make the game more future proof.

The whole game will now need .Net 6.0 to run .. unfortunately, steam does not provide this as a pre-requesite (shame on steam, they should support this since a long time), so the next update may greet you with a prompt to manually install it, which is just a click and a download from Microsoft, so it should not be that big of a deal (afaik all versions of Exipelagop did ask it anyway, but for an older framework.

I also did some testing with this version on different Windows OS Systems, including Win 11 to make sure it's running normally, which it does (at least for me). I could technically add the needed framework into the games package, but that would only unneccessarily bloat the size of the game and waste your disk space. So hopefully everyone is fine with the possible extra download as long as steam is unable to bring their stuff together :cool:

Another addition in the upcoming update will be a new block type - the inverted ramp - which basically allows for finally making niver roof edges and also open/floating staircases look much better. There is some short over at my YT channel, where you can see, how it's going to look.

Also Exipelago is currently on sale, and you can get it 50% off - it may even be followed by a generell price reduction, so don't feel pressed to purchase now. I actually still recommend to try the demo version first and the full version will also add creative mode where you can just build and have fun with creations. I hope more people find interest in the game and join the community.

If you join the games discord you will also be the first to get informed about new updates getting released, so make sure to join there